Avoid Natural Steep Slope Disturbance

P8Avoid Natural Steep Slope Disturbance

3 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

Protecting steep slopes from disturbance is an important design consideration to reduce erosion and sediment discharges into the lake. Disturbing steep slopes greatly increases flow velocities that carry sediments, and can increase local flooding conditions. Steep slopes require a large footprint of disturbance to create a buildable, level area and meet existing grades. Disturbance of steep slopes results in visual impacts that change the character and aesthetics of the Lake George watershed.


  • Protect water quality by preventing  increase runoff originating from disturbance of steep slopes
  • Reduce erosion and sedimentation by protecting existing vegetative cover on steep slopes


Indicate all moderate slopes >15% and all very steep slopes >25% on the existing Site Survey and Proposed Site Plan. Indicate on the Proposed Site Plan and Grading Plan if there will be disturbance of these steep slopes.

  • Three points are awarded for avoiding all steep slopes.
  • One point is awarded for avoiding very steep slopes and limiting disturbance to 15% of moderate steep slopes within the disturbed area. 
  • Three points are awarded for selection of site without this site constraint.

Prerequisite: Do not install wastewater systems on moderate steep slopes (>15%). 

Exemption:  Existing man-made steep slopes are not subject to this requirement.


Include the following information with application:
✓ As part of the Proposed Site Plan, indicate on a site survey the extent of natural steep slopes and show that no moderate slopes (>15%) or very steep slopes (>25%) are disturbed. 
✓ If moderate slopes (>15%) are being disturbed, provide the percentage of area disturbed. 

Other Resources

Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

Town of Lake George Specific Regulations. Statutory authority: Article 9 of the Town Law and Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) ~ 43-0112.

Town of Queensbury Subdivision Code A183-26