Control Invasive Species

M4Control Invasive Species

2 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

Invasive species are aggressive, opportunistic and generally have no natural controls to limit their growth and spread. Therefore, they can overtake a landscape or habitat creating a monoculture and disrupting or destroying native ecosystem functioning and species composition. The long-term consequences of invasive species, economically and ecologically, demand aggressive measures to control or eliminate their impacts.  



  • Protect ecosystems by controlling or eliminating invasive species introduction and spread
  • Preserve water quality by protecting native plants and habitats


Two points are awarded for a plan that delineates all known locations of invasive species and implements an active management program to control, manage, and dispose of invasive species.


Include the following information with application:

  • As part of the Proposed Site Plan, delineate all known locations and develop a plan that will control, manage, and properly dispose of known invasive species. Document measures to reduce the potential for importing invasive species by soil import, seeding and plantings. Plan details should also include planting schedules to reduce the duration soils are exposed.  

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