Implement a Maintenance Plan for Water Quality

M1Implement a Maintenance Plan for Water Quality

This credit is required.

Why this matters to the lake?

Maintenance of stormwater controls, landscaping, and other land use activities ensures proper functioning over the long-term, protecting water quality and property values.    


  • Protect water quality by maintaining stormwater controls and practices
  • Protect property values by employing natural landscaping practices
  • Preserve ecosystem health by restricting chemical use


The submission of a Maintenance Plan that:

  • Explains maintenance goals and the short-term tasks and long-term strategic plan to achieve those goals.
  • Restricts the use of chemical additives to septic systems as a maintenance practice.
  • Demonstrates proper storage, management, and disposal of chemicals to prevent spills and contaminations.
  • Details provisions for stormwater controls that include inspection and replacement requirements.
  • Includes a landscaping maintenance plan that includes trimming, pruning, watering, mulching, and other measures for the long-term health of vegetation.


✓ Submit a Maintenance Plan, which may be shown as notes on approved plans and/or submitted reports. Th e Maintenance Plan shall be included on approved plans, the stormwater management report, and/or placed as covenant on deed.

Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

Lake George Park Commission Stormwater Management Regulations