6 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

Low Impact Development fosters innovation by upholding and incorporating natural ecosystem services into site design and land use practices.  Although the prescribed credits of the LID Certification System cover many methods to reduce impacts from land use, not all practices, methods or approaches are detailed, referenced, or known.  There may be benefits to the lake through alternative runoff reduction measures, land preservation, or land use practices related to building design, transportation, or other means. 


  • Protect water quality, natural character, and ecosystem services of the Lake George landscape of Lake George through LID innovations not prescribed by the certification system 
  • Encourage creation of new effective practices to accomplish LID goals


Describe a proposed innovation credit and its ability to help realize LID goals. If applicable, this narrative must also address how the proposed innovation meets existing regulations.  Up to five points are awarded for this credit.


✓ A narrative including the purpose, requirements, supporting documentation, and evidence of the performance achieved by the LID innovation.