Limit Site Access Disturbance (Location/Length of Driveways)

P11Limit Site Access Disturbance (Location/Length of Driveways)

3 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

The construction of driveways through undisturbed areas and along steep slopes can fragment forest areas and increase runoff and erosion, increasing the discharge of pollutants to the lake. Longer driveways require more impervious surface and clearing of trees and understory, creating more stormwater runoff. Longer access drives promote added development in upland areas and affect both natural character and aesthetic values of the Lake George watershed.


  • Protect water quality by reducing impervious cover that increases stormwater runoff
  • Maintain ecosystem services by limiting forest fragmentation and soils disturbance
  • Protect aesthetic values of Lake George by limiting upland development
  • Reduce the limit of disturbance


Prerequisite: Road or driveway grades shall not exceed a 12% average grade over a 150- foot section and cannot exceed 15% over any length.

  • One point is awarded for limiting a residential driveway width to no more than 10 feet. The maximum width of disturbance for residential driveways is 16 feet. Areas that have been re-vegetated are considered disturbed. 
  • One point is awarded for limiting a commercial driveway width to no more than 20 feet.  Maximum width of disturbance for commercial driveways is 26 feet.
  • One point is awarded for locating driveway in previously disturbed areas. 
  • One point is awarded for limiting the linear length of driveway to 125 feet.
  • Three points are awarded for selection of site without this site constraint.

No credit will be given to site plans that require retaining walls for driveway design. Landscape walls up to 2 feet are allowed.


Include the following information with application:
✓ Indicate on the Proposed Site Plan the location, slope, width and length of driveways, as well as the required clearing width.

Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

Town of Lake George ~ 175-43. Site and lot considerations.

Town of Bolton Zoning Code, Section 200-51, Clearing Regulations

Adirondack Park Agency - Project Design Guidelines for Minor Projects