Protect Wetlands and Seasonal Wetlands (Vernal Pools)

P1Protect Wetlands and Seasonal Wetlands (Vernal Pools)

3 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

Wetlands and seasonal wetlands are ecosystems that improve water quality by processing nutrients and other pollutants before these damaging substances enter the Lake. Healthy wetlands act as a biological and physical filter and pollutant removal system, and also serve as important habitat, especially for juvenile animal and plant species.


  • Preserve the ecological value of wetland functions by locating development in appropriate locations with proper setbacks from wetlands
  • Preserve water quality by preventing the discharge of stormwater directly into wetland areas 
  • Preserve critical environmental areas and sites with sensitive natural features


Three points are awarded to a site that:
  • Does not place structures in wetlands 
  • Implements practices to prevent impacts to the wetlands and seasonal wetlands, such as defined limits of disturbance, construction setbacks, and stormwater systems that avoid direct discharge into wetlands
  • Specifies a construction fence around the limit of disturbance to assure wetlands and seasonal wetlands will not be disturbed during or after construction
This requirement may also be fulfilled by selecting a site without wetlands or vernal pools.


Include the following information with application:

  • The Proposed Site Plan should indicate the location and extent of wetlands or seasonal wetlands if present and the measures to be implemented during and after construction to protect these areas.
  • Submit Adirondack Park Agency (APA) Jurisdictional Letter and APA Wetlands Certification if applicable. 

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Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

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