Remove Non-native Invasive Vegetation

R4Remove Non-native Invasive Vegetation

1 point possible

Why this matters to the lake?

While the majority of non-native vegetation is not yet a major problem, some introduced species are spreading quickly and now pose a threat to native flora surrounding the lake. Long-term efforts to mitigate aquatic invasive species in the lake exist, but the non-native, invasive vegetation on land must also be a priority. These plants are characterized by high rates of growth and/or significant seed production. In addition, they have no native predators.  Given these factors, non-native, invasive plants crowd native species, depriving them of light and nutrients and upsetting the balance of native habitats. 


  • Restore local ecosystem services and limit further damage by removing non-native, invasive plants found on site


  • One point is awarded for a Proposed Site Plan that identifies non-native and/or invasive species and proposes a removal and disposal plan of all non-native, invasive vegetation to the maximum extent possible by the conclusion of the project.


Include the following information with application:
✓ As part of the Proposed Site Plan, show whether or not invasive species are present on the project site, and include methods for identifying and removing existing non-native, invasive species.

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