Restore Natural Shoreline

R5Restore Natural Shoreline

2 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

Restoring natural shoreline reestablishes habitats at the transition between water and land that is too often disturbed with the installation of seawalls and other disruptions. Restoration fosters the return of terrestrial and aquatic species responsible for ecosystem services that include protection of water resources and soils, nutrient management, and pollution absorption.


  • Restore the natural shoreline and character of Lake George
  • Create or maintain habitat for biodiversity
  • Prevent erosion and shoreline sediment deposition


  • Two points are awarded to a site that creates a natural shoreline planting of native vegetation (primarily trees and shrubs with deeper roots), and expanding contiguous forest areas.
  • Two points are awarded for a site without this constraint. 
  • Sites with proposed features including hardening of shores, riprap, seawalls, etc. are not eligible for LID Certification.


Include the following information with application:
✓ As part of the Proposed Site Plan, delineate the existing shoreline, provide a narrative on the habitat improvements to the shoreline and/or landscaped areas on site and provide a detailed list of species to be planted.

Other Resources

Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

New York State Department of Environmental Protection- Shoreline Stabilization