Use Renewable Energy Sources

B8Use Renewable Energy Sources

2 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

There are many options for using renewable energy, all of which provide substantial benefits for the climate, environment, and economy. Each source of renewable energy has unique benefits and costs. Wind and solar energy require essentially no water to operate and thus do not contribute to water quality issues in the lake. In addition, wind, solar, and geothermal systems generate electricity without emitting air pollution.


  • Reduce environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions and other air and water pollutants, associated with fossil fuel energy use


One point is awarded for implementation of each of the following renewable energy options as a meaningful component of the project up to two points:

  • Solar hot water 
  • Solar electric 
  • Wind power
  • Geothermal power
  • Renewable energy source distribution


Include the following information with application:
✓ Provide documentation on the percentage of total energy use through renewable energy sources. 

Other Resources

Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Technologies, Union of Concerned Scientists. 


Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

Town of Bolton Waterfront Revitalization Plan, Chapter 2-16