Protect Stream and Wetland Vegetated Buffers

P2Protect Stream and Wetland Vegetated Buffers

5 points possible

Why this matters to the lake?

The biological and physical processes occurring in healthy streams, wetlands, and their vegetated buffers reduce pollutant loads to the lake. Healthy streams and wetlands function as “kidneys” for the lake, actively improving water quality through biological processes before it reaches the lake. Buffers significantly improve the ability of streams and wetlands to improve water quality. Buffers capture sediment and reduce turbidity in the lake. Buffers also mitigate runoff temperatures, provide shade for small streams, and facilitate infiltration, which creates healthier streams and wetlands.


  • Preserve Lake George water quality by protecting vegetated buffers around streams (both perennial—those that flow year round—and intermittent—those that only flow during certain periods) and wetlands that flow to the Lake 



Based on site conditions, indicate on the Proposed Site Plan  the appropriate buffer width:

Category Setback from
Edge of Bank
Points Points with
Basic 35 feet Required 3 points
Preferred 75 feet 3 points 4 points
Optimal 100 feet 4 points 5 points

Prerequisite: Sites that locate new structures in a previously undisturbed area within 75 feet of the bank or edge of a wetland and/or clear native vegetation within 75 feet of the bank or edge are not eligible for certification. Permanent markers must be installed to indicate the buffer boundary for long-term maintenance purposes. This prerequisite does not apply to existing buildings and structures that are being redeveloped.    

Five points will be awarded for selection of a site without this site constraint (no streams or wetlands).


Include the following information with application:

  • As part of the Proposed Site Plan, show all streams and wetlands—both perennial and intermittent—and the proposed buffers. Indicate location of permanent markers to delineate buffer.
  • Copy of legal covenant (if applicable).

Other Resources

Existing Regulatory Guidance/Requirements

Lake George Town Ordinance, Section 175-34 Stream Protection